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Message from Chairmen : ABSCA (BD GOLD CUP 2016-17)

absca-chairmen” In the name of Allah the most merciful the most beneficent”


All thanks and praised be to Allah the almighty for his immense blessings upon us and in particular for entrusting me with opportunity to serve our Bangladesh Community Cricket in Australia as a Chairman of Australia Bangladesh Sports & Cultural Association (ABSCA).

I am honoured and humbled as Chairman to extend my warmest wishes to everyone who will participate in 2016 -2017 “BD Gold Cup tournament” under the umbrella of Australia Bangladesh Sports & Cricket Association (ABSCA).

Over the past few months reflect the focus and determination of our Board & Executive members to continue engagement and strengthening efforts to ensure continuity of ABSCA’s future goal in our Bangladeshi community in an formative manner.
Once again my thanks to Board and Executive members who bring varied skills, expertise to their allocated portfolios,who are also well equipped to discharge their duties and responsibilities.

My appreciation and thanks also goes to the respected members of Bangladesh Community for their sincere counsel,co operation and invaluable support to bring ABSCA  upto this stage level.

Finally, may Allah guide our work and efforts in serving the Community Cricket to the highest standard and wishes to all the players for their enjoyable, safety and discipline in our forthcoming Cricket tournament.

Thanking you

Mohammed J. Alam

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